Cotefa.ingegneri&architetti is an engineering and architecture company with expertise in integrated design and project management.

Founded in Brescia in 1974 by Enzo Ragni, Cotefa has carried out projects all over the world: Italy, China, Romania, Ecuador, Japan, United States, Brazil, France, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Libya. With over 40 years of experience, Cotefa has developed a multidisciplinary and integrated design approach in various fields: residential buildings, shopping centres, hotels, offices, sports centres, parks and logistics and hospitals.

At Cotefa, the protection of the capital invested and the quality and exclusivity of the services provided are the result of a thorough process based on:

  • feasibility studies
  • integrated design
  • cost control
  • choice of companies and work planning
  • site management
  • forensic engineering

Cotefa uses the BIM (building information modelling) system, which is able to manage geometry, spatial relations, energy performance, lighting and acoustics, quantity and properties of the elements of the building, including the management of post-construction systems. BIM guarantees faster, more efficient and complete processes, better design and better management of all phases with a significant reduction in project costs and subsequent implementation of the building.


    Cotefa uses Autodesk REVIT Building Design Suite for BIM design. BIM systems are able to manage the various data regarding a project: geometry, spatial relations, energy performance, lighting and acoustics, quantity and properties of building elements, up to the management of post-construction systems.

    All the staff using BIM ensure the solution to any possible interference and a design full of information: the project developed in this way describes each element of the building and the information related to its needs of duration and maintenance of the cycle. The main feature of the BIM is the interoperability of the model for which the coordination between drawings, building characteristics, standards, regulations, product specifications, costs and contracts is required. The entire process involves collecting information in a database that ensures that the correct data is available in the correct format at the right time and reduces the loss of information associated with project steps.

    Cotefa designates a "file manager" within its staff, with the task of combining all the projects to generate a single file in which it is possible to collect problems and interferences, thus allowing Cotefa to act at the design level to solve problems before they occur on site. 3D rendering is also one of the biggest benefits of using BIM as it enables: better model coordination, better visualisation and troubleshooting for the design team, and a better understanding for the customer of any work-related aspect.

    The BIM approach also improves the entire building process with a few advantages such as:

    1. faster, more efficient and more complete processes;
    2. better design: project proposals can be quickly and accurately analysed;
    3. better management of the design and construction phase with lower project and implementation costs;
    4. control of life-cycle costs and environmental data;
    5. improved project quality through the development of detailed drawings in real time;
    6. better support to the customer, through a more detailed vision of the proposals;
    7. better coordination of the design and implementation phases;
    8. better control of building materials;
    9. project time management by modifying the time line graph and using the function called "Work Phases", which allows dividing the project, site times or life cycle into phases. The use of BIM requires the planning and sharing of information within the staff to ensure a high quality end product and a useful tool for time management and maintenance.

    COTEFA is able to offer its experience in implementing projects in line with the LEED protocol. LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification is a global assessment system for buildings that considers a series of aspects, not only energy efficiency, but also the choice of the building site, efficient water management, the materials used to build the structure, waste disposal, comfort and the healthiness of the interior spaces.

    Offering LEED® certification means sharing best practices in the construction sector, evaluating the building's performance in terms of environmental sustainability and use of resources, rewarding the innovation introduced in each project. LEED® certified buildings have many advantages: their management costs less than buildings built with current best construction practices because they are more efficient and improve the quality of life of the residents thanks to the greater attention paid during the design phases.


    Cotefa adopts a zero-tolerance policy for the commission of unlawful acts and offences. All Cotefa employees and collaborators are requested to endorse the model of prevention of offences adopted by Cotefa pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and undertake to report any commission or attempt of commission of any unlawful acts or offences. This policy is also applied to the companies and organisations with which Cotefa works.


    Monitor health and safety risks arising from work activities.
    Comply with the requirements of the construction regulations during all the phases of the project before and after completion.
    Encourage employees to report health and safety risks arising on the sites where they work.
    Ensure that customers and the contractor fully comply with their duty of care and compliance with Italian law and industry best practice.


    COTEFA stands out for its design in accordance with social and environmental standards, in order to achieve projects that coexist as harmoniously as possible with the environment.

    COTEFA adopts an internal coordination method in order to:
    remove hierarchies;
    encourage an intellectual and creative atmosphere in the study;
    avoid any kind of prejudice or discrimination that could also influence the design process;
    provide the highest standards of design and execution of its work.

    Our approach to others and the society in which we live directly reflects the way we work.
    Neither COTEFA nor its employees or contractors accept benefits in any form from any third party customer, individual, organisation or service provider.
    COTEFA does not deal with any entity involved in the violation of human rights or projects that adversely affect the environment or the social lifestyle.
    Our ethical values shall not be compromised, explicitly or implicitly, for profit or any other form of advantage.
    All our employees or associates should be aware that their contribution is essential to the success of the projects COTEFA undertakes and that their actions should reflect the highest standards of ethical behaviour.
    At COTEFA, all employees and contractors are strictly bound to follow and apply the human rights policies set out in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. We see this declaration as a common implementation that is standard for all employees, regardless of their position or length of service.
    In addition to following the UN Human Rights statements, our policies on eliminating all forms of discrimination in dealing with employees or hiring new employees must be adhered to as indicated.
    All COTEFA staff must fully adhere to the values and rights of equality and diversity and not indulge in unlawful discrimination against anyone on the basis of their race, sex, pregnancy and motherhood, marriage or marital status, disability, religion or belief, social status or age.
    All employees must make the necessary efforts to ensure that everyone follows, respects and implements our human rights policies.

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