The Team is made up of architects, engineers, project managers, senior designers, surveyors, CAD operators. The team also coordinates the activities of the specialist consultants connected to Cotefa, to form a working group of about twenty technicians and collaborators.

  • Andrea Casarino

    CEO - technical manager - project manager

    Curriculum vitae

  • Mauro Lorenzetti

    project manager - project area manager

  • Mirko Scandella

    project manager - Area Manager for Works Management & Project Management

  • Francesca Boarini

    project manager

  • Silvana Silistrini

    project manager

  • Sara Ragni


  • Elisa Ragni

    manager - partner - head of legal area and prevention and protection service

  • Cristina Roberti

    administrative area manager

  • Francesca Zucchella

    Site Safety and VV.FF manager

  • Lidia Galuffo

  • Alice Cadeo

    project manager

  • Marina Negri

    Structural Engineering area manager

  • Dario Lorenzi


  • Ennio Macerata

    partner - structural engineering area manager

  • Alberto Antonini


  • Rossella Vezzoli


  • Angelo Bonardi

    work safety area managers

  • Mariateresa Lemmo

    Installations area managers

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