A building that was well blended into the adjacent urban context and that already at the time of its construction was very innovative in terms of structure and profile, with its shape tapered towards the base plate, then became an icon within the cluster of skyscrapers of Brescia 2. The basement, developed on two levels, is able to combine formal dynamism with high standards of environmental sustainability and mitigates the scale of the neighbourhood at street level.

The twelve-storey landmark tower rises from the large platform, making the new complex visible even from a farther point of view. The different access routes to the Brescia 2 district converge on the Symbol, which thus acts as a nodal point with its elegant glass panelling, covered with highly reflective modular glass panels designed to obscure the views inside, while maintaining the views outwards and natural light inwards.

The covering also allows the buildings to disappear into the landscape, offering a mirror of the surrounding landscape.

Area: 4,500 sqm
Assignment: Architectural design, structural design, design of electrical-mechanical systems, site safety and works management.

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